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“I need more power!”, If you need more power to rank your domains, consequently increase the exposure of your brand, product, or service, then you need PBNs. Use our complete PBN service or build yours with our domains.

Spam Free

We check all domains with the most advanced tools, our proprietary tool, and Spam Score with Majestic.


All our domains are affordable.

Bad SEO Check

We do a complete check on the domain made available, ensuring the contracted metrics and that no poor quality backlinks are directed to the domain.


Various Niches

We have domains aimed at numerous niches. Choose yours at the time of purchase. Learn more at Dropl.io

Relevant IPs

We have IPs distributed across dozens of registrars.

Premium Metrics

Several metrics indicate the path. We offer domains with the metrics that matter.

Fast Delivery

We deliver domains quickly so that you can use them immediately.


We guarantee the indexing of your domain. If it does not occur within ten days, we exchange it at no additional cost.

PBN’s Are Essential

PBNs are essential for a successful online business. Some “experts” say that PBNs were already Bullshit, the thing of those who do not know the market. This technique has never been as relevant as today. What happens is that some “gurus” do not know how to structure a PBN. We don’t blame you. Building PBNs can take time and may not be as easy. We provide all the tools you need to rank your site successfully.

We use expired domains with minimal metrics for our PBNs. We also check it for poor-quality links or Black Hat SEO. Buy from those who know! Be wary of those who offer PBNs at meager prices or even free. They will use their site for Black Hat SEO techniques.