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Snippet: True in_category Conditional function

This is an advanced version of default in_category function. This function not only check for existance of post in the specified categories but also in all the subcategories down in the tree. It has same in_category parameters So you can use it in replacement of in_category.


Snippet: Configure Child Categories to use their Parent Category Template

WordPress categories follow a predefined template hierarchy. In most cases, we use “category-$slug.php” to override the template for an individual category to give it a entirely different look and functionality (“category-projects.php” for a “Project” category). If you have subcategories (Design, Development etc) of “Project” they also follow the WordPress template hierarchy and you have to create “category-design.php” and “category-development.php” to give them the similar look as of Projects category. This snippet allow you to configure some or all child categories to use their parent’s category template. In the scenario we just mentioned above, Design and Development categories will also land at “category-projects.php” instead of their own “category-$slug.php” template.

Snippet: Get list of all subcategories

Add following snippet to “functions.php” Usage Snippet Result This function returns a formatted unordered list of non-empty sub categories of specified category.