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comment autolinking

Snippet: Remove comments autolinking

Add following snippet to “functions.php” Snippet Result By default, all the URLs posted in comments are automatically anchored/linked. This code will disable this functionality.

Snippet: Disable browser upgrade warning

Add following snippet to “functions.php” Snippet

Snippet: Remove the “comments” column from Admin Page list

Add following snippet to “functions.php” Snippet

Snippet: Disable RSS Feeds

If you want to disable the default functionality of wordpress to display RSS feeds, then look at the snippet below

Snippet: Remove Default Widgets

If you are building your own wordpress theme and suddenly you realize that you need to remove all default widgets. Then below code is the right solution for you

Snippet: Remove some dashboard metabox(es)

By default Wordpress shows metaboxes inside its admin dashboard which include incoming links, plugin feeds and etc. If you want to disable them it can be easily done by using the below code.

Snippet: Remove slef pings

When you link to your own post a self ping is generated by wordpress every time your post is viewed. You can easily avoid self pings by wordpress.