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Snippet: Require Post Thumbnail to be Uploaded Before Publishing

This short snippet requires authors and admins to set a post thumbnail before publishing any article. It will update the post and all of its contents but wont publish it until the thumbnail is set. For custom post types, you just need to change the “get_post_type” condition to your custom post type.

advance post listing widget featured image

Widget: All in one Advanced Post Listing Widget

This all in one post listing widget has all the options you can think list your posts or custom post types in sidebar. Either you are planing to show popular or recent or random posts, this widget can fulfil your desire. You can toggle the display of post title, post content, post thumbnail, number of posts and post author line. You can even limit the post content by number of characters and selection of posts from all categories or some of the selected categories.

Shortcode: Post Thumbnails

Add following code where you want to display it. Usage Add following snippet to “functions.php” Snippet Courtesy: GraphicBeacon


Snippet: Show Featured Images In Feed

Add following snippet to “functions.php” Snippet

featured image

Snippet: Set Featured Image Automatically If no Featured Image is present

Add following snippet to “functions.php” Snippet