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Snippet: Require Post Thumbnail to be Uploaded Before Publishing

This short snippet requires authors and admins to set a post thumbnail before publishing any article. It will update the post and all of its contents but wont publish it until the thumbnail is set. For custom post types, you just need to change the “get_post_type” condition to your custom post type.

An Example

Full Screen (Page) Background Image Slideshow Plugin

With This WordPress plugin you can add single or multiple backgrounds that spans behind whole website contents. Additionally, you also can enable/disable animation, randomize images for each refresh, set animation duration and delay and add dotted overlay on images.


Snippet: Media Metabox to add additional images to posts

This snippet adds a gallery metabox where admin can either upload images through WordPress Uploader or put in the image URL directly. This metabox is very useful for the custom post types for which you want to upload multiple images. Some good examples are, real estate properties, work portfolios and store products. All of these would have a featured image and some images to be displayed in a (for example) slider to explain it features and qualities.


CSS: Full Page (Screen) Background Image Slideshow: Made Easy

Full screen background image that span all over the browser window is getting much more popular now. It definitely catches visitor’s eye and boost the overall design of the website. It looks much more colourful and attractive. Few examples of some awesome looking websites are TeleTech, Vivo Group, Chicago L-Shirts and Fleming Steele. This snippet is not specific to WordPress except that it require jQuery and uses WordPress conventions. Please note that it does not require any jQuery plugin.


How to Resize Images in NextGen

NextGen has been a very powerful gallery plugin for WordPress. Recent versions of NextGen includes every feature you may be thinking to use to your photos. Some of them are watermarking, resizing, tagging and rotating photos. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can resize your photos in bulk using NextGen built-in resizing tool.

category or taxonomy image

Snippet: Add Category, Tag or Taxonomy Picture

WordPress core support two entities for contents one is called post and other is taxonomy. Most of you would think it should be post and pages. But, thats not true. post, pages, attachments and revisions are inherited from post. Taxonomy is way of grouping posts. Well known built-in examples are categories, tags and links. WordPress provided media gallery attach images and photos to your posts but how about if you want to attach images to your categories? May be you have custom taxonomy e.g. Location taxonomy for an Event post type and you want to add an icon or photo of the location to each location you add. This snippet will allow you to add a picture to all of your taxonomies or the ones you specify.

wpds image widget

Widget: Sidebar Widget for Image, Product or a Banner

Frequently, we need to place a third party advertisement banner, a third party product through an affiliate program or just an image to draw attention of visitors to new features you just offered. This one widget has the capability to fulfil all these requirements from simple image only banner to detailed product advertisement. It is a must-have widget for your WordPress website.