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color pallete

Snippet: Add Custom Colors in Editor’s Color Picker

This short snippet will add three colors (#15375c, #3366FF and #9fb83f) to color picker of WordPress editor. Its pretty useful if you allow administrators and authors to select the common colors of your website.


Snippet: Numeric sortable column for custom post type in admin panel

Many developer used Property, Car, Product and several others as a custom post type which, by default, sorted by publishing date (very odd). This fairly simple snippet details how one can add a sortable numeric column (for example a pricing column) in listing view of custom post type. It is quite useful as custom post types are getting popular day by day.

Post Editor Third Button Bar

Snippet: Enhance Post Editor by Adding Font Family, Size and Styling Row

In this tutorial, we will show you a trick to create a new row in post editor giving you ability to change text font family, size, style, converting text to superscript or subscript and adding a horizontal rule. It is pretty simple and straight.

Snippet: Remove un-used feature of posts

Add following snippet to “functions.php” Snippet


Snippet: Set E-mail content type to text/html

Add following snippet to “functions.php” Snippet Result All emails sent out using WordPress wp_email function will be treated as an HTML e-mails by default. So you can use HTML tags like , etc.


Snippet: Change default ‘Enter Title Here’ for custom post types

Add following snippet to “functions.php” Snippet Result It will change the default hover title (‘Enter Title Here’) to the ‘Please Specify Post Title’. +1 You can use the same code to make it work with the custom post types. Just add another case with the custom type and specify its title.