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Snippet: Additional Links in Plugin Dashboard

Following snippet is specifically for WordPress Plugin developers. It lets the developer add additional links below their plugin descriptions and beside the “Activate” or “Deactivate” links. This is very handy to provide quick links related to your plugin or author.


Snippet: Set up a Cron Job in WordPress

You are normally using your server’s Crontab to schedule your cron jobs. If you do not have access to server panel or you do not understand its functionality correctly, you can use WordPress’s job scheduling to execute your crons. You can set up cron for hourly execution, daily execution and executing twice in a day. Here is how you can set up hourly and daily jobs.

shortcode in widget

Snippet: Enable Shortcodes In Widgets and Post Titles

Shortcodes are one of the most popular feature of the WordPress. It allows you to trigger a function within the post contents. We posted number of shortcodes you can use. Couple of builtin shortcodes are [gallery] and [embed]. Unfortunately, shortcodes does not work in text widget where we often like to use them. To enable it, you just need to paste following snippet in your functions.php


Snippet: Add “alt” CSS Class to Alternative Posts

If you want to have different look and feel for post one after the another. This snippet will let do that quite easily. It will add “alt” class to alternative posts and you can then change, lets say, background color or border to make it different from the adjacent posts.

wordpress nextgen flex content slider

Linking Image and Title in NextGen Flex Slider Template

In this tutorial we will show you how you can set up and enable linking of sliders in NextGen Flex Slider Template. You would need to install a NextGen Custom Fields plugin, add a URL custom field, set up links for each image and finally configure Flex Slider to use them


Snippet: Require Post Thumbnail to be Uploaded Before Publishing

This short snippet requires authors and admins to set a post thumbnail before publishing any article. It will update the post and all of its contents but wont publish it until the thumbnail is set. For custom post types, you just need to change the “get_post_type” condition to your custom post type.

An Example

Full Screen (Page) Background Image Slideshow Plugin

With This WordPress plugin you can add single or multiple backgrounds that spans behind whole website contents. Additionally, you also can enable/disable animation, randomize images for each refresh, set animation duration and delay and add dotted overlay on images.