Linking Image and Title in NextGen Flex Slider Template

In this tutorial we will show you how you can set up and enable linking of sliders in NextGen Flex Slider Template. First of all, you need to install a NextGen Custom Fields plugin

1. Sign in to your WordPress admin panel and browse to Plugins->Add New

2. Write “nextgen custom fields” in the search box and press “Search Plugins” button

search plugin

Search for nextgen custom fields plugin

3. You will see “NextGen Custom Fields” plugin, most probably first plugin. Click “Install Now”

install plugin

Install plugin

4. Once it is installed, Click “Activate Plugin”

activate plugin

Activate plugin

5. Now, you will notice a new link “NCG Custom Fields” in the left menu. Click on it

6. On new page, Click on “Image Custom Fields”

7. Choose field display name to be “image_link” or “Image Link” both should work. Check your slider’s gallery then Press “Create Field” button

add custom field

Add custom field for url

8. Now, browse to “Gallery->Manage Gallery” (i.e. NextGen Gallery Listing page).

View Gallery

Select slider’s gallery

9. Click on the gallery you specified for the slider.You should now see a new column in the images table. This is where you will set up the link for each image.

Set up slider links

Set up slider links

10. Now, final step is to enable the linking in Flex Slider Settings Page. Go to “Settings->NextGen Slider” and enable options beside “Linking Sliders” as shown below.

enable linking

Enable Slider’s Linking in NextGen Flex Slider Template

11. That’s it. Your slider’s title and/or image should now be click-able and open the URL you specified.

4 Responses to Linking Image and Title in NextGen Flex Slider Template

  1. lynn says:

    Hi, I am using this additional Custom Fields plugin along with the NextGen Flex Slider and the NextGen Optimizer plugin.

    The images in the homepage slider will not link to pages. I have checked the configuration a few times and believe it should according to your excellent instructions. I disabled all plugins except NextGen, Custom Fields and FlexSlider and still it did not work.

    Any ideas why?

    • Mohsin Rasool says:

      It should be working. Make sure few things

      1. You have updated NextGen Flex Slider
      2. The custom field you create should be named “image_link”
      3. You should have set some value for the created custom field against each image.

      Please share a test URL, it might help us find the problem. thanks

  2. lynn says:

    I just renamed the custom field to ‘image_link’ instead of ‘Image Link’. It’s working now on the homepage of The tutorial says either should work but in this case, only ‘image_link’ will work.
    Thanks for the quick response and the great plugin!

  3. Linda says:

    Thank you, the tutorial was really helpful and easy to set up. Great plugin!

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