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Linking Image and Title in NextGen Flex Slider Template

In this tutorial we will show you how you can set up and enable linking of sliders in NextGen Flex Slider Template. You would need to install a NextGen Custom Fields plugin, add a URL custom field, set up links for each image and finally configure Flex Slider to use them


How To Create NextGen Gallery and use Gallery Templates

A NextGen Gallery is a way of grouping images. It is a usual practice to create gallery of an event and place all photos of the event in that gallery. You can watermark, resize and rotate any one image or all images in a bulk. You can visit our post on resizing bulk images in a gallery. NextGen provide number of ways to displaying a gallery or an image through shortcodes. [nggallery] shortcode is the most commonly as it has a pretty handful feature of gallery templates.


How to Resize Images in NextGen

NextGen has been a very powerful gallery plugin for WordPress. Recent versions of NextGen includes every feature you may be thinking to use to your photos. Some of them are watermarking, resizing, tagging and rotating photos. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can resize your photos in bulk using NextGen built-in resizing tool.